If nothing else, Live for the fucking music

I'm shay or Meerkat. I swear a lot, I wanna own a mansion, I love Mary Jane, I'm known as a "wild one" I usually have messy hair. Wolves, stingrays and sloths are amazing. The human brain mesmerizes me. I am really good at conning people, I have problems, insecurities and dreams just like everyone else. I have a license but no car. Im shit with money, I can speak a fair bit of french. Iv traveled a lot and had a lot of interesting jobs. I'm a bit of a creative junkie. I get socially paranoid. I can be known to go in self destruct mode and funnily enough im also known as a "savior" I guess. I love my Iphone. Life to me is all about memories and music. I'm a raver, a shuffler and I have my addictions. I don't care what people think but I care how people feel. Im a bit of a free spirit, I embarrass myself a lot. I can be really clumsy, I can be funny and some days I even get it right and look a bit cute. Anything else - Ask box xox

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